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Why Did My Boyfriend Cheat On Me?

cheating boyfriend private investigatorLegal commitment trends have fallen significantly over the past few decades, and today, just over 51% of adults between 18 and 35 are single. The majority of millennials who are in committed relationships are waiting to get married. It’s true: kids today have learned hard lessons from their parents about acting too quickly and settling for “happily ever after” promises from their first love. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t still experience the pain from love’s bitter sting after being cheated on. A cheating boyfriend may leave you doubting yourself for a while, but don’t give up hope for finding real love later. Just be aware of the potential reasons he cheated in the first place.

You Had Different Relationship Goals

As hard as it is to hear, sometimes a guy just wants sex. Regardless of how much you talk, prompt, demand, or even rationalize that there’s so much more on your end to offer if he admits he’s there for a physical connection, that’s going to be his main goal. Yes, men are emotional creatures, but it can often take longer for those connections to form. Always discuss guidelines and boundaries for your relationship expectations. Then sit back and watch. If his actions don’t match his words, your goals are definitely not the same.

Consider His Influences

Influences help develop a person’s moral compass in life, and parents or guardians are the main influences for most people. So pay close attention to the people who have helped mold your boyfriend into the man he currently is. Consider how his parents treat each other, their partners, and how he and his parents treat each other. That should give you a firm guideline of how he’ll treat you or how serious he’ll be in a relationship. But don’t stop there. Even great parenting can be overshadowed by peer pressure. So pay close attention to not only how he acts with his friends but how they try to get him to act around you. Chances are he’s a lot like them when you’re elsewhere.

He’s a Chronic Cheater or Loves the Chase

Most men at one point or another are raised with or around the notion that men, as a group, are hunters by nature. While that can lead to toxic masculinity in an immature man, a strong man can come out of that environment with a more protective nature. Unfortunately, many women connect with the immature man long before finding the protective partner. The adage “once a cheater, always a cheater” may not be true, but if you look for subsequent signs, you’re likely to find them. Don’t ignore the signs or your intuition. If he’s cheated before, he may simply love the chase more than he loves the catch.

He Wanted Out of the Relationship

Dating an overly confident or cocky guy may do a lot for your own self-worth in the beginning, but it can also lead to clinginess when he starts to pull away. Breaking up or demanding some space can be painful, and some people just aren’t brave enough to admit what they need. That cocky guy you fell for may actually be a closet coward. So instead of taking a break, he might opt to cheat, hoping you’ll leave him. The right Michigan private investigator can help get you the answers you need to help close that door for good. Give ASG Investigations a call when you’re ready to get off the emotional roller coaster.