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Online Dating – How Safe is it?

The phenomenon that is online dating and socializing.

Are you involved in a relationship with someone that you met online? Do you foresee a great future between the two of you? If the answer is yes, then you may need the private investigators at

People today are turning up in record numbers with hopes of finding their soul mates online. Take for example, online matchmaker, This dating and socializing site boasts membership in access of 15 million people and growing. enjoys celebrity endorsements and bragging rights for initiating thousands of relationships that progressed to marriage. What a fantastic tool for the single woman in the 21st century.

Know who is on the other end of that keyboard.

The internet has proved to be both friend and foe in the world of online dating. Dating online means member anonymity which can be great for you since it allows you to get a feel for the prospective paramour before making any sort of commitment. On the other hand, it also allows online criminals, or scammers, a place to prosper.

Online scammers collect billions of dollars annually from unsuspecting love seekers just like you. Held hostage by the promise of a brilliant future with someone who enjoys the same interests as us; we become blinded by emotions and throw all caution and common sense to the wind.


The licensed private investigators at have done hundreds of background checks, information locates and verifications on online suitors. Our philosophy is that no matter the result; good or bad, the search just makes sense. Of course, you hope to find that your friend is every bit the person of moral character that they say they are, but the harsh reality is that a vast number of them are not. Unfortunately, many of our targets have been found married, incarcerated, the opposite gender of what they reported, a registered sex offender or they simply do not exist at all. (See below links to just a few of the many websites focusing on online dating scams.)

Consider the following some red flags to be aware of: Does it appear as though the profile photo was taken professionally? Does your love interest claim to have a really troubled past? Have you been “dating” the same person for over a year and still do not talk on the phone? Do you send them expensive gifts and monetary loans while they send you cheap greeting cards? Are you unable to move the relationship in a forward direction? Is your “friend” just a lonely millionaire looking for love in all the wrong places?

Any one of these things can happen legitimately, but since you just don’t know, then you just need to find out. Your emotional and financial future depends on it.

You can’t afford NOT do get a background check.

For the cost of a romantic dinner and a movie for two, you can check out the online “object of your affection”. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to know the person who may eventually become a member of your family.
Trade feelings of anxiety and self doubt for feelings of comfort and security in knowing that you can trust this person and that what they tell you is the truth. Understand that your making a call to a private investigator does not mean that you’re cynical or emotionally unavailable; it means that you’re smart.

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