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5 Ways to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

cheating boyfriendInfidelity can be unbearably painful and incapacitate a relationship. And that’s not just for those who are married. Overall, men tend to cheat more often than women, especially in advanced ages, but the reasons for cheating differ between the genders. It’s easy to assume the worst when moods and behaviors change in a relationship. But if that nagging suspicion continues for weeks or months without completely relenting or even grows, your intuition may be onto something. Before ruining your relationship with false claims, get closer to the truth by doing some smart surveillance of your own.

Scour Their Social Media Accounts

There are literally thousands of social media sites on the web, but Facebook is still the King with nearly 2.5 billion active monthly users. Chances are your boyfriend has a social media account of his own and you’re likely connected to at least some of his accounts. This doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, but the results can be illuminating. Pay attention to his interactions, comments, and link back to anyone who stands out. While he may not be blatant about their connection, the other person certainly may.

Tail Your Target

If your boyfriend suddenly has to leave a lot or habitually arrives home or to your place later than planned, it may be time to tail him. Plan the tail prior to acting on impulse. He probably can pick out your car in a crowd and anonymity is important to discover the truth. If able, rent or borrow another vehicle to do this. Keep your distance and hide between other cars while trailing him. If following on foot, be sure to take cover as needed and take plenty of pictures for evidence.

Document Everything

Cheaters lie to avoid getting caught, and some are pros at redirecting or gaslighting. Knowing this, it’s crucial you document everything. Write down your findings, locations, the dates and times of interactions, date hard photos if any are present and make sure digital photos are time and date-stamped. The passage of time and the charm of a smooth-talking weasel can work together to mess with your memory otherwise.

Go High-Tech with the Surveillance

A cheap smartphone may be fine for your needs on Instagram, but you may need some extra backup when trying to catch a cheating boyfriend. If you have to keep it downscaled, try to borrow a better camera with decent audio capabilities. Make sure the battery is charged to avoid losing power midway through the surveillance and pay attention to weather and lighting restrictions. All your effort can be blown due to grainy images, audio interference, or a poor or lost wifi or data signal.

Call in the Pros

Emotions can interfere with the final solution when trying to catch a cheater. After all, you know exactly what you’re hoping the outcome will be and that can easily sway your findings. If that becomes an issue, you’ll need someone with the experience, creative solutions, and lack of emotional attachment to get the answers you simply can’t. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with relying on the right Michigan private investigator at that point. And fortunately, we’re just a call away.