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Who needs Your loved one does.

Do you have a friend or family member that seems unusually distracted and overly focused on a new relationship to the point where they are making bad decisions regarding themselves and their future?

Have they begun talking about marriage with someone that you have never met? Are they behaving defensively when confronted with personal questions concerning their new boyfriend? Are they acting completely out of character and ignoring their own advice previously given to others who they care about? These are, of course, signs of someone who is falling head over heels in love. Undoubtedly, there is a side of you that is very happy for your loved one, there is also another side of you that cannot ignore that gnawing feeling that you get in your gut every time they talk about their boyfriend. Something just doesn’t sound right to you. You need to take action.

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Trust your instincts now more than ever. Your loved one needs you. More than likely, the two of you have known and loved each other for many years. You’ve helped each other in times of trouble and you’ve shared your deepest, darkest secrets. This is your time to be your friend or family member’s eyes and ears and protect them even if that means from themselves. will offer you comfort and reassurance. Our services and our clients confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us. Our hope, of course, is that the background check will show that the boyfriend is above board and a pillar of moral character. If that is the case, you may decide that it is unnecessary to disclose the fact that you had doubts to such an extent that you ordered a complete background check. At the same time, what if your instincts are correct and the boyfriend has been deceptive and presenting himself fraudulently? Is it not your job as a friend to forewarn them of trouble?

Do not entrust your loved ones future to a database.
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You have concerns for your loved ones future or you wouldn’t be here. You have likely found at least a half a dozen companies offering “instant background checks” online and you are uncertain about how to proceed. We would ask you to consider some things very carefully when deciding which company you will entrust with your friends future.

Are they licensed investigators?
Will I get to speak with an investigator?
I have limited information. How will I know they’ve investigated the correct person?
How are they able to get my background check done “instantly”?
What if I have questions?

Despite the claim from some online “instant” background check companies, there is no such thing as a nationwide background check. Most searches are location specific and you’ll need the careful guidance, experience and integrity that a licensed private investigator can bring to your investigation. Your investigator will uncover leads and pursue them, dig deep when circumstances warrant it and avoid wasting your time and money when they feel an area of the search is irrelevant.

If you have misgivings about an individual who is too quickly becoming top priority in your friends life, don’t delay, call the licensed private investigators at Let us do what we do best. Let us uncover the truth.

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