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Mr. Maher,
I narrowly avoided making the biggest mistake of my life because of you and the information your company provided me! I wanted to give you an update since maybe you don’t often hear the outcomes of your cases.  I have completely washed my hands of B.R.R., (who knew a middle initial could mean so much) and all of his baggage.  As I told you when we initially spoke, we were to be married this past September and we had begun the process of merging our finances.

I hadn’t told you at the time because I was embarrassed, but I had gone so far as to name him as my beneficiary on several investment accounts and had started a college fund in his daughters name! Well, you know the rest…..
I showed him the background report that you provided and there are no words to describe the look on his face. He explained that he meant to settle “those things” before we actually took the plunge, but it was the all the lies that I couldn’t forgive. I know myself really well and decided that a clean break was the only way to go. I haven’t spoken with him for almost 3 months. I miss him and his daughter very much and I wish the best for them, but I truly believe in my heart that he lacks the integrity that I absolutely require. I am doing well, thanks to my finally knowing the truth.

I just wanted to say thank you. You were professional, compassionate and most importantly, you didn’t judge me. Hindsight is 20/20, of course, and boy was I was blinded by emotions. This is not the case today.

Y. Gorane, Houston, TX

ASG Team,
Thank you for sending the background report so promptly. Unfortunately, my fears were confirmed and we broke up for awhile. We have since reconciled and we are doing great. We are seeing a counselor and have committed to always remain open and honest so that we don’t need a third party (PI hahaha) to tell us what is really going on with the other. Under the circumstances, it was so nice meeting you all. I surely hope that I never need to speak with an investigator again, but if I have misgivings about “the same issues” I will certainly call you first.

Mr. E. Lange, Colorado

Dear Kelli,
I promised you an email telling you how I am. I am hopeful, if you can believe that. I don’t speak with “J” anymore, but that is okay. I did get right back in the game and am dating a wonderful man who I met on an online dating site geared toward people of the same beliefs. Tom will tell you; he did another search for me that confirmed everything he told me was true. “R” actually volunteered for the background check. I am cautiously thrilled. We’re talking daily, but taking things very slowly. We both have children, so we both believe in being sure of one another before such introductions. Thank you for caring about me. I really appreciated the manner in which you handled my situation.

Mara F., Georgetown, ME

Hi Kelli,
I said if things turned out my way I was going to send you a fantastic testimonial. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hate to sound so happy, especially at my moms expense, but she was dead wrong about “S” and I am so excited to tell you that we’ll be moving in together in December. I have actually become friends with his ex-wife, if you can believe that! You guys were absolutely great. If “S” and I marry, you’re all invited!

Thanks so much!
Becca, FL

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