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27 signs he may be a fraud

  1. You’ve been on two dates and he wants to have children with you
  2. He always has a bigger and better story than you.  He claims to have lived and worked in very elaborate places.
  3. He borrows money a lot, which he used to pay back.  Now the loans are getting bigger and bigger and repayments are less frequent.
  4. He says he drives a piece of crap because his ex-wife took the Lamborghini in the divorce.  He won’t buy up until the settlement is reached.
  5. Your boyfriend forgets events in his life that would usually seem significant.  He chalks it up to a “bad time” in his life and he’d rather not remember.
  6. He or his beloved family member is near death and needs money quickly.
  7. You listen to messages from kids saying “Hey dad” and he claims to be sterile.
  8. He has a chance to invest in the greatest thing in the whole world and only has until the end of the day to produce the funds.  The advisor who manages his gigantic money market account says it will take 5 days to release the funds.  He’ll pay you then with interest.
  9. You can’t tell your friends and family about him “just yet”.  He says that the two of you need this time to learn about each other and grow in your relationship.
  10. He just doesn’t like your best friend/sister for some reason.  He feels that she is trying to sabotage the new relationship.  It’s either her or the boyfriend.
  11. You can’t meet his friends because he claims to have no real friends because they are intimidated by his money and power.
  12. He was orphaned as a small child and has an elaborate excuse why you can’t meet the parents who raised him.  He will claim there was abuse etc.
  13. You have a generally bad feeling about loaning money, but you feel worse about the thought of him leaving you.
  14. He just prefers to be a home body, and aren’t you content to stay at your place.  He won’t take you out in public.
  15. You find mail in his car addressed to another woman.
  16. He lost his wallet, again.
  17. He accidentally sent you an email from “”.
  18. He’s claims he’s an attorney, but wears a paper hat to work.  He claims it’s just comfortable.
  19. He rides a bike because he is environmentally sensitive.
  20. Coupon clipping for the “Burger Hut” is just the responsible thing to do.
  21. A diamond engagement ring will only put you in danger.  He cares too much about you to put you at risk.
  22. Women look at you sympathetically when he introduces you to them.
  23. No one has a landline phone anymore.  Besides, he’s always traveling anyway.
  24. They say they don’t know him at work.  That’s because he is very important and security has advised coworkers to deny knowing him.
  25. His professional license wouldn’t show up.  It’s in the process of being renewed.  You know how slow the government can be.
  26. Why not cash out that 401(k) and travel the world.  Of course he will do the same.
  27. Your mom doesn’t like him because she doesn’t want you to be happy.  This happens to him all the time.  It’s a jealously thing.

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