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So frequently these days’ people are meeting people in new and innovative ways. Match Making websites have helped thousands find someone special that they never could have on their own. This can be an exciting time to be single and looking if you’re open to the idea of utilizing some brand new services, technology and social networking websites.

Your chance to meet that special someone increases exponentially when you allow yourself to be bold and partake in some of the creative ways in which people are able to meet each other in the 21st century. By doing so, you’re putting yourself out there in the global community, that is the World Wide Web. Using such technology can be very exciting and if you’ve got the spirit for love, the internet can be an invaluable tool for people looking to connect with others with similar backgrounds and interests. With that being said, remember that technology brings anonymity and with anonymity can come trouble.

Anonymity is fantastic, especially when interviewing prospective love partners, but it leaves something to be desired when we believe we have found that special someone based on long chats, stories of similar experiences and values that appear to be perfectly in line with our own. Enter,

With so many on-line dating services, matchmakers and chat-rooms on the web, not to mention the latest dating crazes, such as speed dating, singles travel clubs, and other social clubs, relationship prospects indubitably abound you. One online matchmaking company boasts a membership of 15 million and growing. Online dating and social groups are growing more popular everyday and some are even being endorsed by doctors and celebrities, however, expecting the organization to accept the task of conducting a background check on each member is simply unrealistic. Since that is the case, take your future into your own hands. Check him out with

For a minimal charge, you can find out if your new guy is who he claims he is.
Undoubtedly, you have worked very hard to become the professional you are today. You have saved tirelessly and made sacrifices in order to secure your future and possibly that of your children. By all means, allow yourself to be in the moment. Allow yourself to be compelled by emotion and spontaneity, but always be careful to keep one foot planted firmly on the ground. Don’t become so overwhelmed by an infatuation that you fail to see signs of trouble clearly ahead of you.

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If you have met that special someone and feel that your relationship is not progressing as naturally as it should, consider some of the following;

Can you only reach your boyfriend via cell phone number?
Is he unavailable during daytime working hours?
Did he give you a PO Box, or a work address?
When you see him, does he take you to a nice hotel?
Do your friends and loved ones question the sincerity of your boyfriend?
Do his stories seem fantastical or completely fabricated?
Does he switch cell phones frequently?
Does he have a questionable email address?
Does he seem overly anxious to take your relationship to the next level?
Does he ask questions that seem overly personal regarding your finances?
Is he vague when speaking about his own financial status?
Is he possessive of your time even when it comes to your family?
Do your children like him?
Is he quick to anger or does he seem bitter when speaking of past relationships?
Sounds cliché, but does he speak highly of his mother?

Take some small protective measures when it comes to safeguarding yourself and your assets.

Ask good questions. There is no need to be overly intrusive early on in the relationship, but you can get valuable information from very basic information, such as, where are you from, how long were you or have you been there, do you have siblings, children, ex- wife, etc.

Keep your private information private.  Be diligent in keeping financial documents, such as check stubs and bank statements tucked safely away when your boyfriend is coming to visit.  Turn off your computer.  Con-artists are highly adept at gathering vital information from smaller pieces of information.

Do rely on the opinions and judgments of your loved ones.  They are tried and true and have your best interests at heart.  Falling in love is a wonderful time, but unfortunately it can make you vulnerable when you truly want to believe everything your mate has to say.

Do not loan him money.  We realize this should go without saying, but when you are under the belief that you will eventually share everything, your first response will likely be to help him in any way that he needs.  Remember that this man claims to have been functioning very successfully before you came along and you should be suspicious of why circumstances would change dramatically so quickly.

Contacting does not mean that you are suspicious, it means that you are smart.

These are just a few of the ways that you can protect yourself from a potential con-artist. We at are happy to report that in most cases, findings prove that the boyfriend is everything our client hoped that he was, but we do not lack unfortunate tales of smart women who were duped out of life savings because they felt a background check would give the impression that they are untrusting and skeptical, perhaps closed off to the idea of a relationship.

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