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What to Do After You Find Out Your Boyfriend Cheated

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It’s never fun finding out your boyfriend cheated and the person you’ve loved and trusted has been sidestepping on your relationship. But regardless of how you currently feel, you’re definitely not alone. According to YouGov, almost 70% of American adults are against any type of sexual misconduct outside of their current romantic relationship. But approximately 20% of adults admit to having strayed and cheated while in a committed relationship. That percentage can actually fluctuate between 60 and 70% considering the number of people who refuse to admit to their discretions. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to ease the pain and move on after your boyfriend cheats, and the right private investigator can help.

Take a Break

It may take two to make or break a relationship, but it only takes one to physically cheat. The aftermath of that discovery your boyfriend cheated can cause havoc in your life if you let it. Rather than let life lead you down a dark or disastrous path, consider taking a break. Close all contact with him and separate yourself from the situation for a day or two–up to 48 hours away can really help clear your head and help you decide the best course of action for everyone involved.

Prioritize Yourself

It’s far too easy to get wrapped up in what-ifs and find yourself in a rabbit hole of denial and self-blame once you’ve discovered infidelity. Avoid self-abuse by engaging in some high-level self-care for a while. Go to the gym, sign up for a home workout course, or even take a long walk to clear your head. Meet up with friends, invite a few over, or dive into a movie marathon complete with your favorite snacks to refocus. Go shopping at a physical store and buy yourself a pair of new shoes or get started on changing or updating your wardrobe. Book a spa day or even a special getaway just for yourself or you and a close friend. Just don’t cut your bangs! We’re focusing on positives here.

Conduct a Boyfriend Check

While anyone can run a name through Google and get some social media information on a potential love interest, there’s a definite line between doing a harmless search and running an in-depth screening. However, since online interactions and dating have become as mainstream as meeting in a bar, running a check is more important than ever. According to The Knot, approximately 22% of couples that start online result in marriages. So true romantics won’t shy away from the possibilities. Of course, just because you can run a boyfriend check yourself doesn’t mean you should. It’s far too easy to get caught in a rabbit hole via social media or just a typical browser nowadays, and you could quickly get in over your head or even find yourself in danger by lingering on certain information. Instead, just call in the pros to get the answers you need and deserve.

Avoid Getting Even After Learning Your Boyfriend Cheated

The desire to lash out and make your boyfriend pay for his betrayal is a human reaction. But those actions can get you into hot water before you know it. Take a step back and get some space instead. Give yourself time to come to terms with what happened and take care of yourself. Get a professional background check done so you have the solid proof you need. And remain composed and in control of your actions and emotions. Scream if you have to but avoid threats and potentially illegal or harmful activity to get even, regardless of how good you think it might feel at the moment. Instead, give us a call to connect with the right private investigator for your needs. We’re on your side.