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4 Ways to Break Up with a Cheating Boyfriend

cheating boyfriendDiscovering your beloved and trusted romantic partner has been unfaithful can result in pain and doubt unlike any you’ve ever experienced. The betrayal can result in an emotional roller coaster or bottomless free fall. There is always an end, but how hard or how soon your feet hit the ground again depends on your ability to move on and stick to that decision. Fortunately, there are some effective tricks to breaking up with your cheating boyfriend so you can enjoy your life and trust yourself once more.

Accept Support and Make a Plan

There are handfuls of common mistakes people make when discovering infidelity. Allowing your emotions to become overwhelming and relying on revenge results in a heady but destructive cocktail that never results in a favorable outcome. Attempting to handle it all on your own can also be a grave mistake. Instead, allow two or three of your closest, most trustworthy, and non-judgmental friends or relations to act as your support team. Shouting the betrayal from your rooftop, posting it on social media for all to see, or attempting to destroy your partner’s reputation publicly can come back to bite you in the backside, so avoid that altogether. Instead, lean on your loved ones so you can absorb the emotions, face the facts, and start making a plan to either get out of the situation safely or move ahead sanely and securely.

Get the Proof You Need

According to one major nationwide study, approximately 20% of men admit to cheating. But what about those who don’t? If you try to compile or begin to make sense of the conflicting reports and studies, cheating stats can cover 70% or more of men and women across the board. That’s a lot of randy partners! In most cases, a cheating male partner has an affair because he thinks he can get away with it. Of course, regardless of the root cause or reason, you deserve to know the truth. Chances are, the lies will just continue until you have evidence to back up your suspicions. An expert private investigator can easily get the necessary proof for you.

Write a Letter (Or Email or Text)

Communication issues are one of the main excuses for failed relationships, so talking to your cheating boyfriend may simply not be an option on your end. However, closure is crucial to avoid rebounds and returns. Try sitting down and writing an actual letter to get your emotions out of your head for a minute and on the page. Once you have a grip on your feelings and some emotional control, consider composing another “Dear John” letter, email, or text. Get your feelings out on the table, clarify you’re done with the nonsense, and always keep a copy to ensure any future lies on his part don’t bite you later.

Drop, Block, and Run

Domestic violence affects nearly 10 million adults annually, and fear alone can keep you in an unhappy or dangerous relationship. Approximately 25% of women and 10% of men admit to having experienced physical or sexual abuse from an intimate partner at some point, and those numbers keep growing. Talking things out face-to-face with a cheating boyfriend may not be possible in certain situations. If you’re scared, leave your residence, if necessary, block them from all forms of communication, and run. You can always contact us to get a hold of an expert private investigator after you’ve prioritized your safety.