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Most Common Signs He’s Cheating

According to infidelity statistics, cheating occurs in 40% of unmarried relationships and approximately 25% of married relationships. Of course, those numbers are based on partners who admit they’ve cheated. A variety of factors can lead to different studies claiming almost twice those percentages. What doesn’t seem to change is who is more likely to cheat–and men tend to get that trophy, at least over the age of 29. Being the last to know can lead to a whirlwind of emotional turmoil and intense pain. But how can you tell if he’s cheating?

Sudden Changes in Mood or Behavior

Daily life conditions and demands can cause anyone’s mood to change, but there’s usually a good, or at least comprehensible, reason involved. Established personal behavior can even change over the course of time. However, if your partner’s moods or behavior change suddenly when you’re together, it may signal he’s upset he’s not with someone else at the time.

Rapid or Unexplained Changes in Weight or Appearance

Self-improvement is great, and approximately 17% of Americans admit to being on some form of diet at any given time. But partners tend to share those goals or plans with each other to an extent. If your boyfriend is suddenly losing weight, changing his hair or clothing, wearing cologne, or otherwise taking extra care in his appearance, it might be a sign it’s for someone else. This is especially the case if it’s primarily done when you’re not going somewhere together.

He’s More Active With Technology and/Or Needs More Privacy

Approximately 85% of Americans use a smartphone or some other type of mobile tech device. So it’s not uncommon for your boyfriend’s phone to be literally attached to his hip. Unfortunately for loyal partners, technology is constantly evolving and new apps and options are being released continuously for easier and more private communication needs. Pay attention if his phone or mobile device habits have changed. If you have access to the device, see what new apps have been added. It’s always best to ask first, but if you have to sneak a little just be sure to be quick and smart about it.

His Sexual Interest and Habits Have Significantly Changed

Lack of sexual interest or intimate activity is often one of the main signs of trouble in any romantic relationship. However, any major change in sexual activity can point to trouble. Yes, that includes a sudden sexual peak or intense interest, sorry to say. Cheating men tend to experience a sudden rush of testosterone which may result in more aggressive sexual behavior at home or interest in trying something “new” with their committed partner. If you’ve discussed those new ideas together before, you’re probably safe. But if sexual behaviors significantly change without warning (yes, even positive ones), it may be a sign he’s cheating.

You Can’t Shake the Feeling That Something’s Wrong

Intense emotions such as anger and anxiety can easily have you destroying a good relationship without probable cause or simply due to ego. However, intuition is often the primary indicator of a cheating partner. If you’re able to talk to your boyfriend without fear, ask him outright. But never put yourself in harm’s way to do so. If you’re on the fence but need to know, give us a call to discuss your needs with the right private investigator for cheating boyfriend.