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5 Clues Your Boyfriend is Cheating

Think you have a cheating boyfriend? Every relationship is different, but most people in exclusive relationships expect loyalty. In fact, for many, the act of infidelity is an irreversible betrayal that can completely destroy the relationship altogether. According to a national study, 16% of Americans cheat at some point, and 20% of males lead those statistics, compared to 13% of women. The gap increases significantly for older adults with men again leading the pack. But how can you tell if you have a cheating boyfriend?

His Personal Behavior Has Changed

Depending on how long you’ve been with your partner, you may feel like you know him inside and out. So when his behavior suddenly changes, it can throw off your entire relationship dynamic. Predictable behaviors often build the foundation of loving relationships, so if your boyfriend has changed his sleeping patterns, opts to close himself in a room instead of watching certain shows, spends a lot longer time in the bathroom, or makes extra excuses to leave the house at certain times, someone else may be involved.

His Privacy Has Become Noticeably Important

Everyone needs personal space and extra time to themselves, even in committed relationships. However, a cheating boyfriend will often provide extra signs of infidelity involving his privacy habits. Leaving the room with his phone, clearing his internet browser whenever he leaves his device, deleting texts and social media messages, and even creating extra accounts online that you have no connection to are all serious signs that he’s offering his time and attention to someone else outside of the relationship.

He Doth Protest Too Much

Quite often, when a man is cheating, he’ll suddenly start condemning the action verbally. He may have shared his opinions on the subject previously, but now it’s a frequent conversational point. This is a psychological concept known as reaction formation. It’s a superficial or exaggerated set of ideals that may either be opposite to his own or twisted to throw you off the scent or due to personal guilt. Cheaters will also often accuse you of cheating as well for the same reason.

He Pulls Away or Picks Unnecessary Fights

Arguments and disagreements are totally normal and even healthy in relationships, but they shouldn’t be constant. Sudden distance or pulling back from an interest in the relationship is a strong indicator that your boyfriend is cheating or looking elsewhere. Fight or flight is a common behavioral pattern for those wanting out, so if he’s not being distant, he may start picking a lot of extra fights over anything from your driving skills to whose turn it is to clean the bathroom. And honestly, if he’s being that wishy-washy, it might be time for you to find someone else who treats you better.

You Have a Relentless Feeling That Something’s Wrong

Anxiety and stress from past relationships can really be a pain, but sometimes intuition is a godsend. Before assuming you’re just overthinking everything or being “crazy”, consider how many other signs on this list are present in your relationship. And when you’re ready to know the truth about your cheating boyfriend, give us a call to connect with the right Michigan private investigator for your needs.