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4 Ways to Find Out if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

cheating boyfriend Michigan private investigatorHappily ever after is a lifelong dream for many adults. So if you’ve been cheated on or have suspicions your boyfriend is messing around, you may feel you’re alone and doomed to fail in the love department. Truth is, around 22% of men admit to cheating at some point on their significant others compared to 18% of women. And the male numbers actually increase with age while the female numbers significantly drop. You certainly don’t have to claim defeat in romantic endeavors, but if you’re seeing signs something’s wrong there are ways to find out for sure if you have a cheating boyfriend.

Arrange Your Own Surveillance Plan

There may be some moral concerns with catching your significant other on video or audio recordings without their knowledge, but it’s not illegal to do so in most situations. The good news is, you don’t necessarily need to rent or buy a bunch of equipment, especially if you have access to a smartphone. Most smartphones have decent enough cameras and audio capabilities to capture clear enough sound and movement to at least prove your findings to the cheater. There are even some simple apps you can use in a pinch. But be forewarned, surveillance without clear previous signs of potential infidelity can lead to losing a wonderful partner and suffering some serious heartbreak.

Engage in a Little Smart Snooping

In today’s world, smartphone locks and cleared history browsers are just par for the course. But pay close attention to how your boyfriend guards his devices or where they are whenever he leaves the room. If you have access to his social media accounts, sift through his friend’s lists, comments, and even messages if you are seriously concerned. But don’t dive down the rabbit hole. Sift smartly and sparingly just to see if anything or anyone specific pops out. And if you have any close friends also on his friend’s list, ask them for help to see anything he may have blocked from you but kept open to others.

Schedule Some Surprises

It’s a lot easier to mess around when you know your partner’s every move. So mix things up a bit. Pop into his work midday with lunch for two or even just his favorite cookies. Tell him you’re going out with the girls and decide to go home early or stop by his place without calling him first. Head to the gym and meet him for a surprise workout. Always have a reason for the change or pop-in and avoid doing it so often that he figures out the system. Also, pay close attention to his reactions to your visits. If he’s nervous, jumpy, or angry about your surprises, there’s a good chance he’s hiding something or someone.

Call In the Pros

The above solutions work fine for the majority of people who aren’t dealing with abusive partners, battling mental issues, or otherwise buried in stress from their relationship. But if you’re struggling to balance your sanity and emotions, just call in the pros. The right cheating boyfriend private investigator can handle all the details to get you the evidence and prove once and for all whether your boyfriend truly deserves your heart or needs to be kicked to the curb.