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4 Ways to Break Up with a Cheating Boyfriend

break up with a cheating boyfriendNo one enters a monogamous relationship expecting to be cheated on. Unfortunately, it happens quite often. According to research, cheaters can be three times more likely to cheat in the future once that line has been crossed. Many good people opt to give their cheating boyfriends extra chances to prove their worth. But cheaters can also be pathological liars who believe their own stories or blame their partner for the betrayal. The extra stress on top of health risks from sexual disease can ruin more than an already broken relationship. It can ruin your entire life. But there are some effective tips to break up with a cheating boyfriend and make it stick.

Collect and Organize Proof

Cheaters have an arsenal of excuses up their sleeves, and they tend to have no problem playing the blame game to gaslight and get their way. Confusion is the gateway to toxicity. Before staking your claim as a single person, take control by collecting and organizing proof of the infidelity. Hire a private investigator if necessary to get the evidence you need. Cheaters can cover their tracks easily with sweet talk and empty promises. But they can’t lie their way out of visual and auditory evidence. Be sure to make and store copies of any collected proof in case it’s destroyed.

Meet in Person But Leave the Emotions at Home

Avoid meeting in your home since you’ll return daily to those negative memories. Instead, try to meet him at his home. If you live together, opt for a neutral meeting ground that is still private and away from public attention. You need to be confident in your decision not to be a victim anymore, so focus on the facts. Present the evidence and don’t back down.

Listen to Their Side Without Interrupting

This might seem like an oxymoron, but it’s an important step. Once you’ve shown your proof and made your point clear, let your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend plead his case or air his feelings. This isn’t to give him a chance to win you back. It’s simply to provide closure on both ends. Relationship successes and failures are never one-sided. Cheaters tend to blame everyone but themselves, so let him have his moment. Listen without disrupting him and answer questions calmly as needed and when possible. But stay firm in your decision. Revert back to the proof if necessary.

Break Off the Relationship Quickly and Cleanly

Once everyone has made their case, break things off quickly and clearly. Do not offer false hope, keep things open-ended, or entertain “what ifs” or “maybe one day”. State calmly and clearly things are over. Break all contact, including social media. And let your ex-boyfriend move on with his life without you while you make a clean break from him. If you need help finding evidence to break up with a cheating boyfriend, give us a call and we’ll connect you with the best private investigator for a cheating boyfriend to suit your needs and budget.