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How to Break Up with a Cheating Boyfriend

cheating boyfriend break upRelationships and breakups tend to go hand-in-hand. But the reasons for the breakups are as unique and individual as the relationships themselves. Some people want a civil breakup so that friendship can be rebuilt down the road. Others may want quick, clear, and contentious breaks, including a complete ban and block from ever allowing that person to enter their lives again. Regardless of which side you’re leaning toward, there are some simple but effective steps and solutions for breaking up with a cheating boyfriend. 

Break Up In Person But Not In Public

Your phone and tech devices may be an integral part of your life, but they shouldn’t play a major part in your breakup if the relationship is a physical one. There are exceptions, of course. Once you’re ready to call it quits, agree to meet in a neutral location that’s not public. This could be a park, a friend’s house (make sure they give you privacy for the discussion), an empty parking lot, or somewhere meaningful but still private. Breaking up in person is kinder and provides more closure than leaving a text or voicemail. 

Don’t Give Into Emotion Or Try To Comfort Them 

Emotions fly high during breakups, but that’s not the time to coddle or comfort your impending ex. Doing so can lead to unintended consequences, such as prolonged confusion, pregnancy from break-up sex, or even an STD from whoever your cheating boyfriend has been messing around with behind your back. Keep the goal in mind and stick to the plan. 

Temporarily Cut Off All Contact 

It’s easy to think it’ll be fine to remain friends on social media or just check in on the weekends or special events. Don’t do it! Cut off all contact, at least for a while. There is no mentally healthy way to be friends right after a breakup, regardless of the reason. So take a breath, step back, and hit the block button if needed for a while. You can try the friendship route after you’ve both healed, whether that’s a couple of months or a few years down the road. 

Accept Your Own Emotions, But Don’t Play the Blame Game 

Let your emotions flow. If you’re angry, smash a few plates. If you’re sad, cry into every pillow you find around your home. Don’t engage in dangerous or risky activities to dull the pain and do not play the blame game on your own end. 

Recognize and Accept Your Incompatibility 

Relationship bubble fantasies are lies. You may have been great friends and compatible with most things in the past. The relationship may have been good and he may have even swept you off your feet… at one point. But if that came to a slow or screeching halt, that’s likely because of some type of incompatibility along the way. Accept it and move on. You are better off focusing on your own needs now. 

Talk to Someone 

A strong support system is crucial during any rough relationship, especially after a breakup with a cheating boyfriend. You may have mutual friends with your boyfriend or ex, but you should still be able to access connections that are specifically there for you. This can include previous friends, close coworkers, neighbors, and family members. You can also opt to see a therapist or counselor for unbiased support. And, of course, if you need to contact a professional private investigator to get the proof you deserve, we’re just a call away.