is the answer when you are ready for love but deserve to know the truth

Do you know what your boyfriend is doing online?

Fake internet profiles? Chatting with other women online? Online infidelity? Unknown email addresses? These are all worries that you need to consider if you suspect your boyfriend is being unfaithful in the internet age.

Although you may know about his facebook account, myspace page or other public social networking activity, what would keep him from having other profiles? What do you really know about his past that may be on the internet?

Our background check experts know exactly what to look for and where to look for it. As part of any detailed background check, you should always conduct a detailed internet profile. This profile can find all sorts of information that may not exist anywhere else, including news, blog references, email addresses, pictures and many other web references about your boyfriend that can enlighten you about his: other girlfriends, ex-wife he forgot to mention, criminal past, bankruptcy, political views, club/organization memberships and much, much more.

You can try and “do it yourself”, most of our clients have, but when you absolutely need to know the truth, we can give you answers. When it comes to searching for information, this is what we do full time, every day. Our investigators are trained in the art of searching and have access to web-based tools of the trade that allow us to capture more information, faster.

Internet profiling can be performed by one of our search experts for as little as $ 125.00. Depending on how much information you have and how lengthy the subject’s the online information, more time may be required to complete the search.

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