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5 Reasons Why Men Cheat

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Statistics claim that 20% of men and 13% of women admit to cheating in relationships, but the actual numbers of infidelity could be far more into the 70% area. Regardless of what surveys and studies claim, infidelity hurts. The betrayal, sadness, anger, guilt, and fear of the future can be almost paralyzing at times. Bargaining and forgiveness are possible, but if the source of the infidelity isn’t addressed and corrected, it’s likely to just repeat. So what are some reasons men cheat on their partners?

They Want Out of the Relationship

All states have some type of no-fault divorce option. But in all divorces, a reason for the marital breakdown must be made. In most cases, something as simple as “irreconcilable differences” or “incompatibility” will suffice. But other times, a clear reason can be made such as adultery, impotence, or cruelty. Regardless of the type of relationship–married or committed outside of marriage, a man often cheats on his partner in an attempt to end the relationship. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however. If you have actual proof of the infidelity, that can affect the amount of child support or spousal support granted during the divorce. Hiring a private investigator for cheating can easily pay for itself in that case.

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served… Hot

When one partner cheats, the other often take revenge by doing the same. Not only is that toxic and petty, but it’s also incredibly dangerous behavior. The cheating partner knows this and doesn’t usually care simply, at least at the moment, because he cannot forgive his partner for the previous offense or offenses. This decision does tend to bite back when least expected, so consider long and hard whether there’s hope for a future together after a revenge affair.

They’re Inspired by Their Influencers

Having friends and connections outside of a romantic relationship is essential for both partners. However, it’s equally important to consider the influences in your boyfriend’s life before getting too serious. Research continually shows that children of divorced parents are more likely to become divorced adults themselves. But actions of friends later in life also tend to influence behaviors, especially when it comes to male infidelity. Opting for a tighter circle of friends with better values is a good way to avoid trouble. But he has to agree to that.

They Need to Refuel Their Libido

Relationships usually start hot and heavy but end up stuttering from time to time. The honeymoon stage tends to be short-lived and resentment can occur when physical needs aren’t met. Tough conversations and counseling may be needed to get back on track. But if you’ve continuously talked about lack of sex in your relationship and the motor’s still dead, your partner may look elsewhere to get his own spark back.

They’re Emotionally Drained and Unfulfilled

Stereotypically, women are thought of as being the emotional beings in the relationship, and men are thought of as the physical beings. So when a man cheats, people tend to jump on the horn dog bandwagon. But surprisingly, that’s not usually the case. Lack of intimacy and emotional void in a relationship is the main reason for infidelity regardless of gender. Men who consistently are not appreciated or feel valued will seek the approval of other people who offer the encouragement and praise they crave. An emotional affair can quickly evolve into a physical affair or it can take years to build. And the connections can start anywhere. Listen to your intuition and then contact us to connect to the right private investigator for cheating to get the answers you need and deserve.